An organization’s greatest strength is people. At Learning Alchemy, we provide online learning experiences that support growth in staff, clients, and communities.

Online Learning

Learning Alchemy will help you plan and execute successful learning experiences for staff and clients online. We can help you adjust current learning material for the online environment, or, work with you to develop online classes from the ground up.

Services include:

  • webinar development and production
  • elearning courses
  • audio and video
  • online presentations
  • online documentation and resource collections


Looking to improve your presentations? Tired of creating text-dense slide decks that overwhelm your audience? Not sure how to incorporate effective visuals? Learning Alchemy will help you design effective presentations that engage and facilitate learning, using simple software you likely already use.

Services include:

  • Training for organizations on presentation design
  • One-on-one consulting to hone your message, apply basic design principles, and incorporate visuals effectively for greater understanding and engagement

Online Communities

At Learning Alchemy, we understand the power of social and informal learning. We can help you facilitate connections between staff, practitioners, or clients in your community. We’ll work with you to build an online space for knowledge sharing and community building, using affordable open source software solutions.

Services include:

  • Community-of-practice websites on Drupal or WordPress platforms
  • Development of informal and social learning strategies to support staff and client growth
  • Knowledge management strategy
  • Social media strategy

Additional Services

  • development of trauma-informed, emotionally intelligent organizations
  • learning management system evaluation and development
  • website planning, design and development using open source platforms (Drupal, WordPress)
  • software evaluation
  • project planning
  • strategic planning
  • meeting facilitation

Please contact us for more information, and to set up a free initial consultation to discuss your needs.