Counselors, social workers, therapists, case managers—they all need to keep up their skills to maintain competence, as well as to grow. Licensed staff require continuing education to maintain licensure. Online learning provides a cost-effective, efficient way for organizations to support direct care staff in meeting professional development goals. Online learning is also a creative way to support clients with psychoeducation.

Learning Alchemy will help you plan and execute successful learning experiences for staff and clients online. We'll work with your subject matter experts, or, develop courses from the ground up on a variety of topics relevant to clinical staff and clients of all kinds. Services include storyboarding, instructional design, voiceover, course development, and final production.

Examples of Past Courses

  • Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy - multi-module course for therapists
  • Learning ACT: An Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - multi-module course for therapists
  • Working with Difficult Situations - a course for human services workers on de-escalating difficult situations
  • Multiculturalism - a course for clinical case managers on working with clients from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Harm Reduction in the HIV/AIDS Field - a course for medical case managers

Additional Services

  • Webinar development and production
  • Consultation on talent development and strategies for staff engagement
  • Consultation on learning management system selection, configuration, and administration
  • Planning and development of online documentation and resource collections
  • Development of community-of-practice websites on open-source platforms
  • Development of informal and social learning strategies to support staff and client growth
  • Development of trauma-informed, emotionally intelligent organizations

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