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Tips for Great Elearning Audio

This blog post was originally created for an elearning challenge on the Articulate community site that asked designers to share information on creating audio for elearning courses.

Have you ever taken an online training course and the audio was terrible? If so, you probably realize that bad sound is not only annoying, but gets in the way of learning. It’s hard to keep attention focused when there are long pauses, background noises, and other audio problems.

When creating online training, it’s a challenge to do audio well. People make entire careers out of doing voiceover work! For this reason, in my earlier days of elearning development I tended to keep things text-based and excluded narration. However, we know from research in cognition that audio narration and animation together lead to better learning (see Richard Mayer’s work on multimedia learning). So, I started to wade into creating voiceovers for elearning projects myself.

Here are some tips based on my experience to date. Read more