About Us

We believe learning is essential for organizations and communities today. As you effectively share knowledge and expertise, staff and clients are able to grow and thrive.

Our approach at Learning Alchemy is unique.

  • We focus on how adults learn.
  • Our approach is always learner-centered.
  • We let learners bring their own experiences to the learning.
  • We emphasize meaningful engagement and interactivity.
  • We value the transformative power of learning.

Learning Alchemy was founded in 2013 by Mary Beth Faccioli. Mary Beth is a librarian and social worker with decades of experience as a trainer, instructional designer, and web designer. Her background includes work with small business, government, higher education, non-profits, and libraries of all types. Mary Beth specializes in person-centered services, while taking a broad view of involved teams, organizations, and larger systems that impact performance and learning.