Learning Alchemy provides online continuing education for clinical professionals. We work with mental health and human services organizations to develop training and training programs for direct care providers.

Why offer online professional development opportunities for your staff?

Online learning is flexible. Staff can take online courses when the time is right for them: during breaks, when their caseloads allow, while commuting, or at any point they need to refresh on the material.

Online learning increases competence and confidence in your staff. This leads directly to more efficient and effective services, and satisfied clients.

Online learning reduces staff turnover. Research consistently shows that online learning programs enhance staff engagement, increase workplace satisfaction, and increase retention. This is a huge resource saver for organizations, and ultimately leads to better, consistent service to clients.

Online learning supports consistency and compliance. With online approaches to onboarding or compliance training, you can be sure all staff are consuming the same learning material, and receiving a consistent message.

Online learning is not just for staff. We work with our customers to develop educational programs for clients, families, and communities.

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